PM does not speak a word on attacks on Indian in US because he’s scared: Rahul Gandhi


The Congress today questioned Narendra Modi’s silence on a string of racist attacks on Indians abroad even as Rahul Gandhi said the Prime Minister is keeping mum because he is “scared”.

“Indians are being killed in America but our Prime Minister does not speak a word about it. He is scared,” Gandhi said.

Addressing a rally at Ram Lila maidan, the Congress Vice President said, “Modi has a 56-inch chest, right? When our youths are being killed in the US, bullets are being fired at them, why is Narendra Modi quiet? Why has he not spoken a single word? Because Narendra Modi practises politics of lie.

“Modi hugs Obama. But when our people are getting killed, the Prime Minister does not utter a single word as he is scared.”

The Congress VP also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for playing “politics of false promises” as he set the tone of his party’s campaign for upcoming civic polls in the national capital.

Addressing a convention of Congress workers at Ram Lila Maidan here, Gandhi targeted both Modi and Kejriwal for leading “individual-centric” governments.

“Both Modi and Kejriwal engage in politics of false promises,” Gandhi said as he listed poll promises Modi and Kejriwal had made ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha and 2015 Delhi assembly polls respectively.

He said the Congress governments echo voice of every countryman.

Gandhi also attacked Modi over the recent killings of Indians in the US.

“Modi ji talks about 56-inch chest, right? When our youth are being killed…why he is not speaking? Because India’s Prime Minister is scared of speaking up (to the US),” Rahul said.




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