PM Narendra Modi invites tech enthusiasts to share their views in a ‘Digital Dialogue’


Pleased with an overwhelming response to his ‘Digital India’ initiative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now planning to hold a ‘Digital Dialogue’ with tech enthusiasts of the country.

The PM shared his thoughts on the matter through a series of tweets.

Earlier on July 1, Modi launched the ‘Digital India Week’ in New Delhi to empower the people of the country through the aforesaid ‘Digital India’ programme.

Digital India aspires to transform the country into a digitally empowered knowledge economy.


  1. #digitaldialogue:In the words of Swami Vivekananda,”Each nation has got its own peculiarity and individuality with which it is born.In it lies the backbone,the foundation as the bedrock of its national life.Religion and spirituality form that foundation and national backbone of India.
    Therefore,whether you believe or not in spirituality,for the sake of the nation’s sustenance,you have to maintain your hold on spirituality.Keeping a hold on that firmly we can stretch other hand out and gain all we can from other races.If we do that,wonderful,glorious future India will come-an India greater than she ever was.”
    In view of the above I am eager to know whether our present Government will take a leading role so that India moves in the same direction as Swami Vivekananda advised us long ago to follow, to achieve materially and spiritually developed India.

    Tapash kr Mukherjee
    Bally,Howrah,West Bengal.


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