PM Modi’s foreign tours under scrutiny after ‘friendly’ nations blocked India’s entry into NSG


On Thursday had highlighted how the countries, that openly opposed India’s bid for the NSG membership were those, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi had either visited or held talks with their premiers.

But, contrary to the perception built by PM Modi during his visits to those countries, they crushed India’s hopes when it mattered the most.


Among those who blocked India’s membership attempt were New Zealand, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil and Ireland.

Modi’s detractors and political rivals have now taken to social media to demand explanation why despite his whirlwind tour of the world, India had failed to garner support of 48 countries on NSG.

Leading the fray was the Delhi chief minister, Arvind Kejriwal.

He asked, “PM Modi has completely failed on foreign policy front. He owes explanation on what did he do on his foreign jaunts?”

In a separate tweet on the news that Switzerland too had voted against India, Kejriwal took a dig at the prime minister.

He asked, “Why? Didn’t the PM visit Switzerland just a few days ago?”

Kejriwal’s deputy, Manish Sisodia, too asked, “Should we not ask questions to prime minister on the country’s defeat on NSG, while PMO remains busy in weakening the governments in states? Is there anyone? Or those who should ask questions are also busy?”

Former Supreme Court judge, Justice Markandey Katju posted a tweet mocking Modi’s foreign tours.

He asked, “Someone asked me what will happen after Modi’s present foreign trip. My answer : another foreign trip.”

Modi’s detractors aside, even the BJP MP, Subramanian Swamy demanded an investigation as to why ‘Swiss and Brazil’ had voted against India.

He said, ” On NSG, the vote against India by Swiss and Brazil also needs investigation.”

Modi has received flak for allegedly spending more time abroad than in India with many of his critics calling him an NRI prime minister. His perceived ‘penchant’ for foreign trips has also been a butt of joke on social media for quite sometime.

Here are some other notable reactions on social media:



  1. From day one Modi is a Great Actor, change dresses, go for frequent shootings abroad, he knows the camera directions….but does not have any idea on the direction for the Country to grow and prosper…

    He is a comedy of errors. His elevation from CM to PM was an accident….Any body could have become a PM at that time….as the people were fed up with Congress…Poor man Adavani is unlucky…


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