PM Modi’s comments on people selling ‘pakaude outside Zee News office’ sends social media into frenzy


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday chose yet another favourable channel and its representative for his latest Q&A exercise. Speaking to Zee News, Prime Minister spoke about ‘hugplomacy’ and whether he felt nervous on meeting foreign leaders among other topics.

When asked about his 2013 promise of creating 1 crore jobs every year after becoming the prime minister, Modi said, “Somebody please tell me if someone sells pakaude, fried Indian snack, and earns Rs 200 by the end of the day, will you not call it a job? Which register mentions that a man is earning Rs 200 every day? It’s a simple thing to understand that the banks have given loans to 10 crore people. Which means that these many people have earned their livelihood.”

Modi’s comments prompted social media users to poke fun at the prime minister’s definition of jobs with many resorting to sarcasm while mocking his claims.

Here are some of the reactions;


  1. Look at the level of thinking of this man. I wonder is he really capable of running the country.By the way, somebody please check whether any businessman who lost everything because of demonetization and GST is selling pakoras there

  2. The high school dropout when chosen to run a country, his thinking limits ends on Pakoda selling only. The bigger problem is we the common citizen have been listening to his crap from past 3 1/2 years hoping the opposition especially congress to take them.

  3. What kind of bluff master he is. In history his worthy competitor was Benito Mussoloni. Incidentally initially Mussoloni was considered as role model by Herr Hitler. All belong to same parivaar of fanatics.

  4. God is a great leveller it’s said,Chaiwala becomes a prime minister and thriving business men losing everything due to demonetization and GST become”pakoda sellers”?

  5. Shame on you guys for mocking PM Modi on his indication that 10 crore small businesses have come up through bank loans to as many and Pakoda wala may be one of them. Well what is wrong in making pakodas and selling to people who wan to consume and pay. Dont you want to buy pakodas when hungry on a day from the same guy making and selling them to you. Here in Saudi Arabia, which is supposed to be richer than your country, young graduates make tea on temporary stalls ( setting up a table and a kettle and few paper cups) and sell it to people at festive venues to make money. They also sell fresh fruit juice and dry fruit on trays. These are same graduates who are unable to replace expts due to their inability to converse in English, which is necessary to land job in private sectors. Government is keen to give them money so that they can set up small snack vending pickups in order to see them employed. This is the is poor Indian mindset who are mocking on people who start or run any small businesses. Do you like to live as an unemployed youth, as dependent on your poor and week parents and perhaps loiter on streets instead of making a small start, a good start which with your education can lead you to innovative business in a short time. I really pity you all who have commented adversely on Mody’s hint on Pakoda wala making 200 rupees a day, and it could be answer to your unemployment.


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