PM Modi wanted to announce ‘diluted’ OROP on 15 August, but veterans rejected it


According to a new revelation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was certain to announce the One Rank One Pension scheme, albeit a diluted one, during his Independence Day speech from Red Fort but the ex-servicemen rejected the new proposals.

Former Army Chief, Gen VP Malik, has revealed this in an email to former Navy chief Admiral Suresh Mehta.

“The only way to resolve OROP could be a direct dialogue between the political leadership and veterans. On 10th August morning, I got a call from Principal Secretary (PS) to the PM stating that the PM desired me to discuss Govt position on OROP with agitation leaders and try to resolve this issue so that he can announce it on 15th August,” Gen Malik was quoted by Indian Express.

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Gen Malik said that the government’s final stand was to pay ‘less than what had been worked out earlier,’ which was rejected by veterans who said it was a dilution from the original definition of OROP.

The decision to write an email to Admiral Mehta, according to Gen Malik, was to clear the air to his friends about his role as a mediator between the government and the protesting ex-servicemen.

In his email, Gen Malik reportedly confesses his original reluctance in meeting PS Nripendra Misra, but agreed to do so only after discussing the option with Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, who’s been leading the OROP protests at Jantar Mantar.

He wrote, “He (Misra) and the joint secretary dealing with this subject in the PMO briefed me on the govt stand. In the evening, all the three of us… together were briefed by the JS. Looking at the government position… we felt that we can not represent the government or the agitators but will remain go-between only and try if we can bridge the gap.”

Gen Malik, in his mail, wrote that Misra, after speaking to both prime minister and the finance minister, informed him about the government’s final stand, which “meant paying less that what had been worked out earlier and thus, deviation from the definition.”

The failed talks was followed by the manhandling of army veterans at Jantar Mantar.


  1. OROP Draft – FLY in TEA – Who prepared the draft? PM
    obviously approved it for a stamp but somebody else approved it before it was
    put up to PM? Who was this somebody? Now it is almost clear that DM had no clue
    about VRS? The Trimurty (service chiefs) also had no idea how VRS made it to
    the draft OROP announcement (don’t expect them to do anything about it even if they knew about
    it. Those are the ornaments of govt – nothing more). Babus might have put
    forward the idea about VRS inclusion but they are not yet so powerful that they
    themselves can exclude 46% veteran population from the OROP? Then who were (or
    who was?) these forces who put FLY in the TEA before it was offered to
    veterans? This tea cup with fly came from PMO to DM for announcement and he probably
    didn’t know that fly was there in the tea cup? Even if he knew about it, how
    could he remove the fly from cup because it came from PMO. So ultimately PM
    himself removed the FLY from the TEA cup next day. But did he really remove the
    FLY? Now DM says that when detailed orders are issued about OROP, everybody
    will come to know the status of this FLY in the TEA cup? But the bigger question
    is, even after it is confirmed that the FLY has in fact been removed from TEA
    cup, would any veteran take a sip from cup (Gen VK Singh is doubtful?)? How sad
    state of affairs – TEA offered to veterans but somebody managed to play
    mischief by putting FLY into the cup? Damage is done. Now for future, here is a
    suggested solution. No personal secretary or assistant of PM or a Minister
    should be from a particular service (IAS?). Personal staff carry lot of
    influence, and there is always a possibility that they can abuse this
    influence. Surely we can find more efficient folks from neutral territory (may
    be on contract) to perform these sensitive jobs. Meanwhile, media so busy with
    all the halla-gulla, should try and find out WHO approved this FLY in TEA cup
    for veterans before the draft was presented to PM ( Prime ministers don’t
    prepare drafts, so please don’t suspect PM)? Once it is known who pre-approved
    the FLY in TEA cup, those forces (or FORCE) should be shown the door!


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