PM Modi, VP Venkaiah Naidu, MoS Kiren Rijiju condemned for ‘misogyny’ against Renuka Chowdhury


Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced considerable heckling from the members of the opposition inside the parliament on Wednesday, when he got up to speak inside the parliament. Leading the protest was the Congress party, which wanted Modi to speak about Rafale scam, exposed by Janta Ka Reporter. 

Renuka Chowdhury

Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu too was seen losing his temper on several occasions while attempting to persuade the opposition MPs. Among those who repeatedly heckled the prime minister was the Congress MP, Renuka Chowdhury. Her loud laughter to Modi’s speech left the prime minister incredibly rattled as he struggled to continue with his speech. It was at this juncture, when Naidu intervened and admonished the Congress MP like a pupil in a classroom and also questioned her mental stability.

Looking towards Chowdhury, Naidu asked, “What happened to you? If you have some problem, go to a doctor.”

Modi, for his part, asked Naidu not to take note of Chowdhury’s laughter. He told Naidu, “Mr Chairman, I request you to not admonish Renuka Chowdhury since this is the first time I’ve had the privilege to hear such laughter since Ramayana serail (on TV).”

Shurpanakha is a famous woman character from Ramayana and was known for her loud and annoying laughter just like her brother Ravana.

Modi comparing the woman Congress MP to a demon character from Ramayana became a topic of intense social media conversations with the Congress registering its official protest while also accusing Naidu of functioning in ‘a partisan manner.’

It said, “We condemn PM Modi’s derogatory remark in the Parliament against former Union Minister and RS MP Renuka Chowdhury. We also urge the RS Speaker Shri Venkaiah Naidu to not act in a partisan manner and accord due respect to a fellow member of the house.”

Modi’s remarks led to a huge laughter by all BJP members in the parliament.

If the perceived misogyny by Modi and Naidu wasn’t enough, union minister, Kiren Rijiju, posted a video which begins with the evil laughter of Shurpanakha. As expected Rijiju was slammed for publicly  denigrating a woman MP. An angry Chowdhury said that she condemned the video posted by Kiren Rijiju adding that ‘it is disrespectful against women, especially as he is MoS Home. I will move a privilege on this issue.’

Rijiju later removed that video and posted a new video, which did not have the clip of Shurpanakha from Ramayana.

Meanwhile, condemnation has poured in for Modi, Naidu and Rijiju for their perceived misogyny against Chowdhury. Here are some reactions;



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