PM Modi once again takes potshot at his political rivals on foreign soil, says they are upset because he stopped sweets


Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued to take potshots at his political detractors while on his whirlwind tour of five countries.

He arrived in Qatar after his short stopover in Afghanistan. Addressing the Indian diaspora in Doha, Modi took a dig at his detractors, saying that his rivals were giving him grief because because he had taken significant steps to curb corruption and deprived the “sweets” to several people.

He said, “”Like at home, some child wants to eat sweets and his mother hides those from him…When the mother stops the child’s access to the sweets, the child gets upset with her, howsoever, good she might be. I, too, have stopped sweets to several people. I will also face problems. But I can face these problems because of love from you people, from 125 crore Indians.”

Modi said that India had saved Rs 36,000 crore annually because of his government’s efforts to clean the system by stopping leakages and theft in government schemes.

“We have only cleaned up the surface (on corruption) and a detailed clean-up remains,” he said.

“Can you imagine? We have saved Rs 36,000 crore per year by stopping leakage and theft in various government schemes,” he was quoted by PTI.

Modi said 1.62 crore fake ration cards had been detected and crores saved through subsidised wheat, rice, kerosene and LPG.

He said, “Corruption has made our country hollow, eating into its vitals like termite.”


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