PM Modi receives rousing welcome in New York


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday received a rousing welcome by the members of the Indian community in the US.

He is in the US to participate in the United Nations summit on development and give a boost to his ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ programmes.

Arriving at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, he stepped out of his vehicle and greeted at least 500 people, waiting for him with drummers and dancers, and waved to them. Secret Service agents ran around him, trying to set up a cordon as the crowds surged and Modi tried to get closer to it.

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The supporters chanted “Modi, Modi” and distributed sweets. They gathered about four hours before his arrival.

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Jyoti Patel, who came from New Jersey, said they had gathered to support him because “he is a honest man and the hope of India”.

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Another supporter, Vikram Amin, said he was there to “hail”, Modi as he was trying to accomplish for all of India what he accomplished for India.

Later, Modi informally met members of the Indian community from the New York and Chicago areas.

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Vasudev Patel, a physician from Atlanta who met Modi, said some of those meeting him offered to help him implement his programs with their expertise.

He said, Modi welcomed their offers and asked the Indian community in the US to contribute to India’s development efforts.



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