PM Modi ‘insults’ tricolour in US, twitter trends #ModiDisrespectsTricolor


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has found himself embroiled in yet another controversy while on a trip abroad after he signed an autograph on Indian tricolour, meant to be gifted to the US President Barrack Obama.

Congress party lauched a blistering attack against the prime minister reminding him “However high you may be, the national flag is above you, you should understand this.”

According to reports, PM Modi had signed on a tricolour, which the celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, was meant to present to President Obama as a gift.

Khanna was the personal chef for Modi and his guests when he met top CEOs on Thursday.

As expected social media users were quick to register their protest on twittet while his supporters vociferously defendef the PM.

Within minutes of this incident being reported, #ModiDisrespectsTricolor became the top twitter trend.

Sensing the unprecendented outrage, Khanna attempted to clarify that Modi had never signed on a tricolour. His tweet said:

But many twitter users including @DrunkVinodMehta weren’t convinced. @DrunkVinodMehta tweeted;

User @aartic02 quoted guidelines which appeared to  suggest that the PM had indeed violated what could be termed as ‘insulting’ the tricolour.

User @SwachhPolitics ‘reminded’ how Modi had ‘disrespected’ the tricolour during the international Yoga Day celebrations earlier this year.

For user @DeepikaTripath, Modi’s act mare him undeserving of holding the PM’s chair.

This is not the first time PM Modi has caused huge controversy while on a foreign tour. On Wednesday, while appreciating school children, who welcomed him by singing sanskrit shlokas in Ireland, he took a dig at his detractors back home saying that this may have been branded as communal if the same children sang shlokas in India.

His statement caused huge outrage on social media.



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