PM Modi has 4th & 7th Std pass as his PAs


Being sufficiently educated may be a criteria to get any job in India, but not if you want to work for PM Modi as his personal attendants.

A new RTI reply by the Prime Minister’s Office has revealed that two of the three personal assistants employed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi were 4th and 7th Standards pass while his third PA has a university degree in Arts.

While replying to an RTI request, the PMO said, ” The education qualification of the following officials who are discharging the duties of the Personal Attendants to the PM is as under:-

Shri Badrilal Meena- 4th Std Pass

Shri Dinesh Chandra Meena- 7th Std Pass

Shri Jignesh Bhatt- BA.”

The reply added that these PAs had been appointed as personal staff of PM Modi with effect from 1 August 2014, less than three months after Modi took office as the prime minister.

In host of other RTI replies made available by the PMO on its website, many other information have been made public.

Some of the notable information published are as follows;

  • The Prime Minister used 34 Mbps internet speed at his office
  • PM Modi himself manages his personal social media account (However it doesn’t answer as to who posts tweets or Facebook messages in foreign languages)
  • There is no proposal to change the official designation of PM to Prime Servant (Pradhan Sevak).
  • No mobile phone has been provided to Modi by the PMO

You can read other RTI replies on PM Modi below.



  1. No mobile given to Modi by PMO? So any hacker can listen to who our PM is complaining about?

    Frankly, I have no complain with educational qualification of PAs as they are not people with as much power as a ‘Yale’ educated EDUCATION MINISTER.


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