PM Modi congratulates voters for defeating ‘poison of caste’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that his party’s victory in Gujarat showed that people of the state had rejected the ‘poison of caste.’
poison of caste

Speaking at the BJP headquarters in Delhi in the evening, Modi said, “30 years back, poison of caste was spread so badly in Gujarat that it took workers like me 30 years to get rid of it. In last few months there were attempts again to sow seeds of casteism, but people rejected it, I congratulate them. But people must be alert.”

He added, “So many conspiracies were hatched in Gujarat by Congress, misinformation was being spread. People cannot bear if anyone makes fun of vikas. After 2014, there is hunger for development. Even if you do not like BJP, do not try to derail the progress being made towards development.”

This came after the prime minister tweeted expressing his joy on his party’s win in two states including Himachal Pradesh. In his tweets, he had termed his party’s win as the victory for development.

Meanwhile, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called the saffron party’s win in Gujarat as its moral defeat.

She tweeted, “I congratulate Gujarat voters for their very balanced verdict at this hour.
It is a temporary and face-saving win, but it shows a moral defeat for BJP. Gujarat voted against atrocities, anxiety and injustice caused to the common people. Gujarat belled the cat for 2019.”

BJP on Monday wrested the power from the Congress in Himachal Pradesh even though its Chief Minister face, Prem Kumar Dhumal, lost his own seat. The saffron party won Gujarat, but it failed to cross 100 seats. In 2012, the party under Modi had won 115 seats. Congress improved its 2012 tally by winning 80 seats with alliance partners.


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