PM Modi comments on Konark’s ‘skirt-wearing’ and ‘purse-carrying’ girls spark considerable Twitter reactions


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on his five-nation whirlwind tour. But, his comments on Konark temple in the US, has suddenly become a topic of intense social media conversation with users mocking the prime minister’s latest gaffe.

While speaking at a function organised to return the stolen statues from India, Modi said, “The artists in the 2000-year-old Sun Temple of Konark made statues wearing skirts and holding purse. This means that this practice (of wearing skirts and using purse) was prevalent even then.”

This prompted social media users particularly on Twitter to remind the PM that the Konark Temple was not 2,000 years old but it was built only 700 years ago.

Many social media users mocked the PM for his latest gaffe.

Here are some Twitter reactions:

PM Modi has arrived in the US after visiting Afghanistan, Qatar and Switzerland. He will leave for Mexico in the last leg of his five-nation trip.


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