PM Modi asks people to follow President Mukherjee’s advice on values


Prime minister Narendra Modi on Thursday appealed to people to follow President Pranab Mukherjee’s message on upholding core civilisational values of diversity, tolerance and plurality.

His appeal, at an election rally in Bihar’s Nawada district, was described as his first reaction to Dadri lynching by India media, but Modi did not make these comments in reference to the lynching of a Muslim man on 28 September.

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Modi has been under pressure to comment on Dadri incident, but he has, so far, maintained silence on the gruesome murder of the father of an Air Force personnel.

Speaking in Hindi, he said various “chote mote log (small-time people)” make all kinds of comments for political benefit but urged people not to pay them any heed, or for that matter, even him, but just follow what the president had said.

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“Follow President Pranab Mukherjee’s message on core civilisational values of diversity, tolerance and plurality,” he said, referring to the president’s speech in New Delhi on Wednesday.



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