Plants have feelings too, ban vegetables on Bakr-Eid, says a Bengaluru-based filmmaker


After the meat ban imposed during Paryushan period for Jains or Hindu festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, violent reactions were witnessed  in several parts of the country.

A man from Bengaluru has now asked the central government to ban vegetables on Bakr-Eid.

Bengaluru-based short filmmaker, Faisal Falah has issued an online petition stating, “With the meat ban being enforced on us due to various religious reason, I think it is only rightful for us minorities to have a say. As a Muslim, I’d like to call for a ban across the country on vegetables of all kinds of Bakr-Eid (25 September). Because plants have feelings too.”

For all the vegetarians, Falah said, “If you are someone who is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat anything but the offshoot of plants, I bet you can starve for a day. Fasting is good for you. We do it for a month every year.”

The petition states the logic behind veggie ban by offering arguments like “plants have feelings too” and that “reports state that the levels of pesticide present in vegetables is on the rise, which means they are actually harmful for us”.

However, if the ban on vegetables is too much, then Faisal offers an alternative by inviting everyone, irrespective of religion, to eat mutton biryani at his house on Eid as he is “willing to be reasonable and willing to make a compromise”.


The petition had only about 136 supporters at the time this was written, but it is getting huge support and is expected to raise by Eid, which is on 25 September.

The meat ban began with the municipality of Mira-Bhayander near Mumbai, where the municipal corporation passed a resolution-during the Jain fasting period of Paryushan-banning the sale of meat for eight days.

Mumbai soon followed suit, banning the sale of meat for four days. This was followed by Bengaluru where the civic body BBMP banned the sale of meat within its limits on the day of Ganesha Chaturthi on 17 September. Gradually, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Haryana also joined them. 


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