Photos of Amit Shah in “Palakkad, Somalia” and Kanhaiya Kumar in “Palakkad, Kerala” go viral


JNU students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar was in Kerala on Friday to campaign for his friend and college mate Mohammed Mohsin P.

Mohsin is a CPI candidate from Pattambi for the May 16 assembly polls.

Addressing an election rally at Pattambi in Palakkad, Kanhaiya attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his recent remarks comparing Kerala with Somalia.

He said, “Kerala is one of the most literate states in the country. The place is also known for its progressive values and gender justice.”

But, it’s not what the JNU students’ leader said in Palakkad that has become a subject of social media frenzy.

Social media users have begun drawing a parallel with the turnout at Kanhaiya’s rally with that of those who attended the BJP President, Amit Shah’s rally in the same region.

Shah was in Thrissur in Palakkad on 10 May, when he attacked the Congress president on several issues including her nationality and the scams during the UPA government at the Centre.

In one rally, he had said, “Where was your love for the nation when the UPA regime allowed huge corruptions?”

But, what appeared to have gone almost unreported was how Shah had to address a near-empty crowd in his rally in Palakkad.

Several anti-BJP users on Facebook have wasted no time in picking up the glaring differences in the response (or lack of it in Shah’s case) between the two rallies.


While taking a dig at the BJP, users have described the venue of Shah’s 10 May rally as being in Somalia.

Below are some comments:

Malreddy Shankar Reddy: All Keralites are Somalians and anti nationals and that’s why a few Nationalists have attended the meeting, Mr Kumar is anti national and all the anti nationals have attended the his meeting.

Ismail Thacharayil :That is the difference between Modi made Somalia and our own secular Kerala…

Ricky Amol : And they say they will open account in Kerala assembly polls

Prabh Kaur : I guess AnuPM g ne jyada pesticides ki supply kardi kerala….anti national pests r coming out….v need another march against mass rape of BJP by somalians



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