Photo of Maharashtra minister holding woman’s hand at a public function goes viral


A photo of BJP minister in Maharashtra holding the hand of a lady at a public function has gone viral on social media platforms.

After the photo of Maharashtra’s civil supplies minister, Girish Bapat, holding the hand of an unknown woman went viral, Mumbai police registered an FIR against an unknown person who clicked the photo and shared it on social media.

The photo was taken on Thursday when Bapat was attending a public function where the state chief minister, Devendra Fadnavis, too was present.

The photo is eliciting critical and obscene comments from users, who deemed the minister’s gesture inappropriate.

However, the woman in the photo later clarified saying that the minister was like her father and he had held her hand only to pull her forward so that ‘I could meet the chief minister.

According to PTI, the woman seen in the photo in her statement to the police stated that Bapat is like a father figure to her and that he had held her hand to bring her in front in order to introduce her to the CM.

“However, some people with ill-intention, clicked the photo and made it viral on social media by circling (the duo) holding hands and maligned her character,” she said in her statement to Loni Kalbhor Police.

After the photo went viral, a lot of objectionable comments were posted, which prompted the 34-year-old woman to approach police and register the case


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