Suhel Seth forced to correct fake tweet after Kanhaiya Kumar’s crash course on ‘PhD degree’


Former JNU Students’ Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar was left incensed recently after members of the right-wing brigade launched a fresh campaign on his educational qualification.

Also joining the anti-Kanhaiya campaign was the socialite Suhel Seth, who slammed Kanhaiya since he ‘failed for the 11th time in JNU,’ where the former is pursuing his PhD degree. Seth, who’s expected to be an expert on everything while taking part in TV debates, wrote, “Someone told me that @kanhaiyajnusu has failed for the 11th time in JNU. Does that make him a worthy applicant to the @INCIndia party? And why the hell are we taxpayers funding this loser’s education or the lack of it?”

Seth’s tweet was posted at 9.58 PM on Sunday, nearly seven hours after Kanhaiya had already tweeted clarifying that there was no truth to the campaign against him since there was no exam to obtain the PhD degree. Kanhaiya’s tweet, posted on the same day at 3.05 PM had read, “Those who don’t read anything other than Modi Chaleesa, wouldn’t perhaps know that there’s no exam in PhD. One is expected to write a thesis. I study in JNU, not in WhatsApp university. Neither have I ever failed in any exam. Do file an RTI application if you want. I will never refuse to show my degree like Modi ji.”

A day later, noted Supreme Court lawyer, Prashant Bhushan, too threw his weight behind Kanhaiya and targeted Seth by calling him a ‘paid agent’ of ‘criminal corporates.’ Bhushan wrote, “So what should be done with people like @suhelseth who earn millions as paid agents of criminal corporates & spread utter vile lies? Are being educated in Modi’s WhatsApp University & have the temerity to falsely accuse those who study in our finest University.”

This left Seth visibly angry prompting him to write a scathing reply. Seth clarified that he had corrected his original tweet. He wrote, “For a man who hates everything that’s right with our country, it’s a bit rich for a dolt like YOU to talk! Obviously English is not your forte. Go back into your cave you unhappy desolate man. You belong there. And if you were taught to read, you’d notice I did correct myself!”

After facing flak from social media users, Seth had indeed corrected himself and posted the following tweet; “I have just been told that the news of @kanhaiyajnusu having failed 11 times is FAKE. But then he still has to submit a thesis for his doctoral degree. There could be nothing more earth shattering to now have a Dr Kanhaiya amidst us. Fate will deal academia a deathly blow.”

One wonders if Seth could have spared his blushes if he had cared to gather his facts before posting the nasty tweet against Kanhaiya. After all he’s expected to possess knowledge on everything.


  1. People like Suhel Seth are arrogant, narrow minded and do not have the guts to interact with the masses. He is counter part of self styled godmen like Aasaram in a world of academicians.

  2. Characters like Suhel Seth have cultivated the art of putting their foot in the mouth , everytime they open it .

  3. It is highly unfortunate that in the name of freedom of expression we are forced to the industries where falsehood is manufactured and linked to propagation chain and making common people believe such things unknowingly and unintentionally. Its dangerous to the societies like us which has bases of sree rama and harischandra as our permanent ideals. Few of our intellectuals forgot this and became tycoons of such mechanism. Stop all these as we are good no no best society in the world we should not follow west in any way. West must be forced to follow us unconditionally.

  4. This honest man kanaya must relinquish the phd scholariship that he may be getting . If he cares to do that it would be a great clean act and ppl will be motivated to finish phd in shorter time.

  5. Suhel Seth has talent and skill, but, he seems to have sold his soul to the devil. Retweeting on Kanhaiya in a hurry, and not apologizing and insisting to show him in bad light, he is bringing out his boot-licking servile side.

  6. To me all this was completely unnessary on Suhail seth’s part to speak on this issue… the style of attack on Kanhayya is very similar to that of blind bhakts.

  7. I don’t know who this Suhel guy is. But I can clearly see that he is thinking out of his ass. Instead of apologizing, his corrective remark shows his prejudicial mindset against the guy.


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