Petrol, diesel prices increased once again, 8th straight hike in diesel price


Petrol price has been hiked by 5 paise per litre while the central government increased the price of diesel by Rs 1.26 per litre.

The change will be effective from midnight, tonight.

This is the eighth straight fortnightly increase in diesel rates.

Narendra Modi government has often received flak for not passing on the benefits despite the continuous slump in the prices of the crude oil in international market.


  1. There is no transparency on why the prices are hiked every single time. Unfortunately, the opposition is a mute spectator. How can there be a price jump of Rs. 11 in petrol and Diesel fuel types in a matter of just 2 months. What are these stupid governments doing? Where is the opposition? Spend a few minutes for citizen problems too other than the loathing politics. You bloody vote beggars!! Don’t you guys have responsibility to lead the country properly? How can you increase the prices so drastically? Prices have already skyrocketed !! What are you trying to achieve? If any mindlful politician is reading our comment We Need an answer..


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