Person who designed initial AAP logo serves legal notice to party


The person who had designed the logo for political party AAP, has now reportedly served a legal notice to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for still using the logo for which he holds the copyright.

Sunil Lal, who quit the party few weeks back told a news agency that he had served the notice through his lawyer Akhilesh Chandra seeking a response within 15 days for continuing to use the logo. After a rift with the party, Lal had severed all ties with them.

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The logo which Lal claims to have designed.

“I designed the logo, given it to the party but withdrew it after my belief in the party and its ideology was shattered,” Lal said, adding he wrote a letter to Mr Kejriwal on April 7 seeking the logo back.

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New party logo after the controversy with the ownership of initial logo
New party logo after the controversy with the ownership of initial logo

“I had categorically requested the AAP not to use the logo designed by me in posters, banners, flags, websites and other means of publicity. But they continue to use it blatantly,” he said.

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He said the logo was his intellectual property that was never transferred to the party for usage.


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