Confessions of a pedophile, sexually assaulted 600 girls

On 14 January Sunil Rastogi was arrested from Delhi’s Kalyanpuri.
Residing in Rampur, tailor by profession, Sunil is reported to have attempted to assault approximately 600 girls.The manhunt for Sunil Rastogi began in 2013, when the police received two strikingly similar complaints of rape of two minor girls in New Ashok Nagar by a man in red jacket.

The police monitored the surveillance cameras in this area based on the sketches and descriptions given by the complainers. They also went door to door with these sketches speaking to locals.


After another complaint was registered against Sunil on 13 December, a special team was formed to trace him.

He had been using Delhi as a hunting ground for 13 years. The 38- year-old, father of 5 children himself, would travel form Rampur all the way to Delhi. His targets would be school girls between the ages 7 to 11. His hunt usually took place between 2pm to 4pm, as schools would end for the day and children began leaving for home. In his pocket, he kept a list of girls schools of the area.

Sunil would take his victims to his “safe spot”, a secluded stairwell in New Ashok Nagar, godowns or shady lanes.

For 13 years, Sunil continued his streak of sexual crimes against little girls while wearing the same red jacket, which he considered his lucky charm.

He took the girls aside by telling them their fathers had sent him, and lure them with presents like clothes, he’d stitched himself, or food items. He’d say he has more presents sent by their fathers in the spot that he’d take them to later.

“During questioning, he admitted to his involvement in various other cases in the area of New Ashok Nagar, Ghaziabad and Rudrapur in Uttarakhand,”  said by DCP Omvir Singh.

Sunil said that the cries of mercy of his victims amused and encouraged him even further.

“He seems to be mentally sick as he has some very weird notions. He is very superstitious and said he came by Sampark Kranti Express only and cancelled his visit if he missed the train.”

“He used to chant after getting down from the train. He believed that if he abused girls wearing his red jacket he would never get caught.” said the DCP.



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