Pathankot attack and clueless ministers, ‘hamesha fauji ki family kyon roti hai?’


Rifat Jawaid

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The deadly Pathankot attack has brought the performance of the BJP-led central government under intense scrutiny.

Social media, particularly twitter users have wasted no time in attacking the ‘utter apathy’ shown by the Narendra Modi government.

Soldiers martyred, defence minister in Goa

Manohar Parrikar was in Goa when the attack took place. He had to rush back to Delhi following criticism from his political rivals.

The Nationalist Congress Party attacked him asking him to stop playing the role of a proxy chief minister of the state (Parrikar was Goa’s CM before being elevated to the post of India’s defence minister) and focus on securing India’s security.

Congress said that his presence in Goa on ‘crunch times’ like Pathankot would severely ‘impact the morale of defence forces.’

Congress secretary Durgadas Kamat said, “Parrikar should have called the meeting of service chiefs immediately after the attack, but due to his presence in Goa, the meeting was delayed by almost 7-8 hours after the attack.”

Clueless Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley

At 6.55 pm on Saturday, the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted implying the operation at Pathankot Air Force base was over. He thanked the soldiers for their valour.

He said, “The nation is proud of its brave security forces who have always rose to the occasion. I salute our forces on successful operation in P’kot. (sic)”

Since then, an embarrassed home minister has deleted the controversial tweet.

His cabinet colleague and effectively the number two in the Modi government, the finance minister Arun Jaitley too took to Facebook to make similar assertions.

His Facebook post posted 4.21 pm on Saturday said, “Terror attack on air force base in Pathankot is highly condemnable. Kudos to brave soldiers for DISPELING the attack and salute to martyrs.”


Unlike his colleague Singh, Jaitley has chosen not to remove his Facebook post.

But was the operation really over? Nearly 20 hours after the public chest-thumping by the two senior most ministers in the central government, a senior Air Force officer, Air Marshall Anil Kohli, publicly contradicted both when he said the operation against the terrorists had never stopped.

This prompted social media users to mock and attack the government and its utter incompetency in dealing with the crisis. Many questioned if they were even bothered to ‘pick up a phone’ and called the security agencies on the ground to bring themselves up to speed with the goings on in Pathankot.

Perhaps the breakdown in communication and coordination led twitter users to trend #SackAjitDoval. Doval is the National Security Advisor to PM Modi.

Modi’s gyan on Yoga

While Modi’s ministers were behaving like headless chickens, the prime minister himself was oblivious to what was happening in Pathankot. In Mysore in Karnataka, Modi was busy doing what he’s best at- giving gyan and using English alphabets to make his point.

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This time, he was telling a group of scientists the significance of five Es – Economy, Environment, Energy, Empathy and Equity. India desperately wanted him to display at least two Es of his ‘new doctrine’-Energy (to deal with Pathankot crisis) and Empathy (towards India’s bravehearts fighting the terrorists).

While the country was busy mourning the deaths of its soldiers without knowing how many more could have died in the gun-battle with terrorists inside the airbase, Prime Minister’s official twitter handle posted this at 4.20 pm on Sunday afternoon, “Yoga is now a global heritage. And, the world is embracing traditional Indian medicine with great enthusiasm: PM”

Such callousness and flippancy amidst a national threat would be unthinkable by any head of state across the globe, more so for Modi, who rose to power adopting a hawkish approach towards terrorism and on the issue of nationalism.

But then the constant flip-flop on serious policy matters, making light of election promises and showing disdain to serious governance have been the real hallmarks of this government.

Even as I write this commentary, our soldiers are still battling it out in Pathankot without knowing what lay ahead of them. It’s a universal fact that an Indian soldier never hesitates in sacrificing his life for protecting the sovereignty of his country.

If Modi’s ministers were to meet the families of those martyred in Pathankot and asked “hamesha fauji ki family hi kyon roti hai?” I wonder how our clueless ministers would respond!

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  1. All aspect of any nation is built through schooling of its indigenous population to culturally condition them to take part in inclusive growth. A cursory look at any aspect of Indian life be it trash and filth in civic life, mismanagement and chaos in Government offices, rampant state sponsored corruption and design to protect the corrupt at all levels, substandard imitational western education, pathetic westernization of education at all levels and consequent widespread degradation of the intellectual capacity of human resources is indicative of miserable quality of its human resource. Overall development including its defense capability depends not on borrowed knowledge and phony growth rate but on the quality of its human resources shaped through indigenous high quality schooling. In this condition India can’t possibly expect a formidable defense for its armed forces at the hour of need because of the quality of its human resource subjected to fourth rate imitation schooling. World political scenario is changing fast. Sooner rather than later India may have confront other powers. Remaining an appendage of the west will not help. Build the human resource by Indianizing education system and shape the defense by Indianizing armed forces before it is too late.

  2. The article gives an impression that Defence Minister, Home Minister, Finance Minister and Prime Minister are idiots and have no understanding of responsibilities. Precise timings are quoted. Great analysis !

    Parikar was in Goa and meeting was delayed by 7-8 hrs is the observation. Does physical presence makes the meeting more effective ? In today’s era, mobile phones, hot lines, conference calls are there. Moreover, from Goa to Pathankot, he could have gone by Chartered air force flight. So making such frivolous observation casting aspersions on man of integrity is stupidity of highest order … Does the writer know or can he say authentically that Parikar had not been in touch with Airbase ? Picture is presented as if he was sun tanning on Goa beach with wine glass in hand and was not in a consciouss state to take stock of situation and issue instructions …. Check with his office to know the facts and how much wrong the assumptions are made.

    Rajnath Singh tweet is made mockery of. After gunning down 5 Terrorist the gun fire had stopped. Air base is not one BHK that you can check every nook and corner. Stoppage of offensive action from Terrorist was assumed as end of operation. Was there any malafide intention in tweeting ? Will any Defence minister tweet something unchecked knowingly ? From where the writer got the information that firing had not stopped any time ?

    Taunting Modi on Yoga is childish. Will he be kept in dark about such acts. Just because he did not express panic and abort the session it is presumed that PM is irresponsible. Action was on. Coordination was on. Why the physical presence is given importance ?

    Whole article is showing propensity to present a scenario where DM, HM, FM & PM failed in their duty ! So cheap !!! You are just a reporter. Hold some position of greater responsibility of such level and then comment. They know how to communicate, monitor and they were doing too. If you have proof contradicting or proving inaction then present that to make it more credulous. Readers are not fools !!!

    • One of the problems with the Modi government is the extent of centralization. Does Modi need to chair every meeting before any action is taken? Does Doval need to coordinate everything- is he aware of the ground situation at Pathankot – arent there better people who could do that? These so called Modi-chaired meetings, and catch phrases given out by Modi are irrelevant. What is needed (and what is often done) is local level action. If a group of terrorists attack an airforce establishment, I am sure that the local defense establishment has enough capabilities to deal with a minor terrorist attack of this nature. Instead of trying to hog the limelight even in this unfortunate situation, Modi and Doval should ensure that local officers are not put under unnecessary bureaucratic pressure, and have the freedom to take appropriate action.

      • I do not think that Modi & Doval or anyone else are trying to hog limelight. Without knowing the facts of sensitive matter, it would be inappropriate to undermine their responsible positions. Modi as a PM is incharge of Country’s forces.What is wrong in chairing a meeting. And by Chairing a meeting, he can chart out course with Pakistan government. the local people are not authorised to deal with Pakistan Govt.

        We lack faith in our own PM and government. That’s the real reason of widespread criticism when actually we should have projected solidarity and communicated to Pakistan that we stand by Govt. In France, during recent terror attack, none of the opposition members spoke against government action or inaction or failure to protect its citizens. Similarly, in Russia, all supported Putin’s action against ISIS though it has a potential of turning into world war or at least enmity with US. In India, opposition means ONLY to oppose everything !!!. By opposing Government are we not emboldening enemies ? Media, is reporting as an investigator. The facts come in scattered trickle and in the interim all tom & dick take potshots on partial truths.

        Everyone is almost suggesting a war like reaction. Everyone is expert in knowing the preparedness, outcome of a nuclear war ! all are advising Modi & Doval !! If as a ordinary citizen our blood boils will their blood not boil ? Are they not patriots ? Are they not doing best in situation ?

        The Indian ground support to Terrorist could be a weak link. SP’s role is under scanner. Also the Pakistan drug mafia’s relations with Indian Police dept could come under scrutiny. Drugs are being smuggled in Punjab freely. Obviously, this means that some setting is there and this link too could have been exploited by terrorist.

        Lastly, remember, the terrorist are trained and equipped by ISI and Pakistan army. They have all the latest guns, grenades and satellite phones etc. Their suicidal mindset makes it more lethal. When they combat with Indian security personnel, they have multiple options of attack – guns, grenades, bombs, explosives, etc…..whereas the Indian guard has only service Rifle at their disposal that too without bullet proof jacket on. Its an unequal platform to begin with. Casualty would be there at Entry level as they attack first. subsequently, the operation gets planned and casualties get restricted.

        No one is talking high as to how major damage to Assets was averted. What if they were successful in blowing off key installations or parked MiG fighters ? Did they not do a fine job in protecting these Assets ?

        Its time for Solidarity. Politics is good for elections not for wars !!!

        • No Sir, nobody is suggesting a war like reaction. Any sensible person can only suggest that the government’s response should be professional and convert to some rational action on the ground. This government has only proved till now that it can make empty speeches. The BJP should remember that politics is good for elections and not for war like situations. Let Modi focus on doing work on the ground for the next few years and let him speak through his actions. We are tired of his empty speeches and the empty words of his ministers. Modi has made us realise that the previous PM who did not speak at all, wasn’t much worse.


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