Pakistani actor lashes out at Swara Bhaskar for ‘failing state’ remark, calls Veere Di Wedding star ‘failing human being’


Popular Pakistani VJ and actor Urwa Hocane has lashed out at Veere Di Wedding actor Swara Bhaskar for her ‘contradictory’ statements on Pakistan after India’s neighbouring country banned her multi-starrer film due to profanity and use of objectionable sexual dialogues.

Urwa wrote on her social media page, “Pakistan is the country that you @ReallySwara referred to, in 2015, as the “Best country you have ever visited” and it has only gotten better in the last few years in every aspect along with when it comes to having bigger hearts and welcoming our guests. While you’re on this spree of empowering women,i must say you’ve become a bitter person. And all of this is odd coming from a citizen of a state that bans their own films i.e. #Padmavat so let’s not talk about women empowerment.

“This only reflects on u as an ignorant person who is also quiet contradictory in her own statements. It’s not a failing state for sure but u come across as a “Failing Human Being” !!!”

Urwah’s reaction came after Swara, angry over Pakistan’s decision to ban her film, told a channel that the neighbouring country was a ‘failing state’ and a ‘non-secular‘ country, which was run by ‘Sharia Law.’

Urwa posted two videos of Swara to highlight what prompted her to call out the Indian actor’s contradictory statements on Pakistan. In the first video, Swara is heard telling a Pakistani TV anchor just how mesmerized she was by the hospitality of Pakistani people. She’s heard saying to an applauding audience, “Pakistan is not like how it is described, an enemy state. I swear, I have been to London, New York, Istanbul, Paris, every city fails in front of Lahore.”

However, in the second video, the Veere Di Wedding actor is heard calling Pakistan a ‘failing state’ and a ‘non-secular‘ country, run by ‘Sharia Law.’ She adds, “I don’t understand why we keep taking pleasure from all the silly things that happen in Pakistan.”

Veere Di Wedding opened to a huge box office collection and has already become the third highest grossing movie of the year. The film had also faced backlash in India from the right-wing Hindutva brigade because of the anti-rape stand taken by its lead characters including Kareena, Sonam and Swara after the gangrape and murder of an 8-year-old shook the collective conscience of the international fraternity.

Sonam had faced nasty online trolling by right-wing bigots with many targeting her with hateful messages and calling her anti-Hindu.


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