Pakistan must abolish blasphemy laws and come down on terrorists like ton of bricks


Dr Kouser Fathima

The Lahore attack killing scores of children is blot on humanity. After the Army Public school killings in Peshawar, where school kids were targeted, the Pakistan government had promised to take strict action against the terrorists. But, sadly all the statements have turned out to be nothing more than a rhetoric.

A country, that can’t protect its children can survive for long.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the heinous act and it’s now up to the government to start acting before they dare to repeat the killings.

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The government needs to dismantle the ubiquitous terrorist camps present within Pakistan, do away with the blasphemy laws and control controversial religious leaders. Blaming others for homegrown terrorist will only strengthen them. The Pakistanis need to realise the mess created in the name of religion and blasphemy laws. This time it was Lahore, tomorrow there will be another city and this will continue until everything is destroyed by these monsters.

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The blasphemy laws have further enabled the extremists to target anyone with conflicting views with minorities being the easy targets of blasphemy laws.

The killing of Salman Taseer who strongly advocated the abolishing of blasphemy law should have been an eye opener but the government turned a blind eye. Years later, when the assassin was hanged, his grave attracted huge crowds hailing him a martyr. The whole scenario is disturbing with the result obviously disastrous.

Pakistan army, which doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind the world of it’s nuclear power has been unsuccessful in eradicating homegrown terrorist. Blaming India has been easy way out but it has only worsened the situation.

The world prays for Pakistan and shows solidarity but there is an urgent need for its people to force the government to act strongly against the terrorists.

The author is a Bengaluru-based blogger. Views expressed here are her own and doesn’t subscribe to them


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