Pakistan claims it has successfully blocked India’s bid to join NSG


Pakistan on Tuesday claimed that it had “successfully” blocked India’s bid to gain membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

Pakistan Prime Minister’s advisor on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz today told parliament that the country had a strong case to gain Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership on merit and non-discriminatory basis.

“We have been making successful efforts against India’s Nuclear Suppliers Group membership,” PTI quoted Aziz’s statement.

His remarks came ahead of the key meeting of the 48-nation NSG this week in Seoul when it will take up the applications of India and Pakistan. Aziz also told lawmakers that Pakistan was not being isolated and its official foreign policy was being tuned to the new alignments in the world.

He said Pakistan would continue to follow the policy of non-interference in affairs of other countries. He said foreign policy was geared for the protection of national interests and nuclear assets. Aziz said that Pakistan’s political role would increase after becoming full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

The US had backed India’s bid to join the 48-nations club that controls the transfer of nuclear technology, but China had blocked the bid arguing that India wasn’t a signatory to Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Some reports suggested that China wanted Pakistan to join the NSG if it were to agree to India’s membership.

The NSG functions on consensus and even a single vote against India’s bid will have adverse impact on its chances to join the group.


  1. India and Pakistan both countries should be given membership at the same time for the peace and development in the regin.


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