More holes in PM Narendra Modi’s income declaration scheme: P Chidambaram


Congress leader P Chidambaram on Sunday raised questions about the Modi government’s Income Declaration Scheme, saying there could be “more holes” in the amnesty scheme after a Gujarati realtor claimed that Rs. 13,860 crore black money he had announced did not belong to him.

P Chidambaram

“There is a Rs. 13,860 crore hole in the Rs. 65,000 crore IDS ! How many more holes?,” Mr Chidambaram tweeted.

The former Union finance minister’s comment came after Ahmedabad-based realtor Mahesh Shah, who, a few days ago, had declared unaccounted income of Rs. 13,860 crore, on Sunday appeared on a television show claiming that he was just a face for the money belonging to others.

Shah on Sunday told the TV channel that he did not have any black money and the declared amount belongs to “some Indians” and he would contact Income Tax department and give the names of those who had convinced him to declare their unaccounted income as his own.

No sooner did Shah appear on the channel making the dramatic claim, he was taken away for questioning by I-T sleuths from the office of the local channel for questioning.

He was allowed to go home this morning after night-long interrogation by senior I-T personnel.


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