Delhi Police detain four men for overtaking Smriti Irani’s car in national capital


Delhi Police on Saturday detained four men for allegedly overtaking the car of Union Textiles Minister Smriti Irani.

overtaking smriti irani's car

“About 5 PM today, four persons in car tried to cross vehicle of Smriti Irani when she was crossing Moti Bagh flyover,” Delhi Police was quoted by news agency ANI.

According to reports, Irani complained to police that four youth were trying to overtake her car and chase her.

All the four detained youth are believed to be students from Ram Lal College. Sources said that cops reacted with lightening speed given the VVIP stature of Irani as a union minister.

Students, meanwhile, have denied Irani’s allegation and said that they were returning from a birthday party.

Police claimed that the medical test carried out on those detained had proved that the students were travelling under the influence of alcohol.

Meanwhile, Times Now reported that the minister’s security status had been upgraded to Z Plus.


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