Outrage after Dubai-based ‘Chowkidar’ gynecologist allegedly justifies ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Christians; Dubai Police asked to act


Social media has erupted with huge protests after a Dubai-based gynecologist, also a BJP supporter, allegedly posted a justification for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India. Dr Nishi Singh’s profile says that she has lived in Dubai for nearly 25 years and she ‘speaks to you as a mother, as a daughter, a wife, a sister, an aunt, a niece, a physician and a woman.’


However, her social media profile is replete with support for the Hindutva ideology. One of her social media posts that appeared to cause a huge outrage was posted on 12 April in response to a post by another Twitter user, who expressed his fear for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India.

Reacting to BJP President Amit Shah’s recent controversial threats that his government in future will remove every single ‘infiltrator’ except Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs, one Twitter user wrote, “Ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Christians is a poll promise in Indian elections.

Dr Singh replied with no sense of remorse, seemingly to lend credence to his interpretation of Shah’s controversial remarks. She wrote, “And conversions(sic) is a single point agenda of All Abrahamical faiths aided by unlimited funds from undeclared sources carefully camouflaged as community service.”

Not only did her hate tweet, now deleted, condone the planned ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Christians, it also attacked Islam and Christians. No sooner did she post her tweet, social media platforms particularly Facebook was inundated with angry reactions with users contacting the Dubai Police to take action against her for her bigotry.

Facebook user Rajendra Bhaduri was the first to bring it to people’s attention when he shared the screenshots of Dr Singh’s Islamophobic tweet. Bhaduri wrote;


Lady here is a well-known Doctor and Educationist in Dubai, living there for more than 25 years. Here in this tweet, she supports ethnic profiling and cleansing of Muslims and Christians in India. Her logic is blaming “Abrahamic Faiths” of working on an agenda of converting people through fraudulent means.

There is a hospital in Dubai, named Conceive Gynaecology and Fertility Hospital, owned by Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav. She is his wife, and till a few years back she was shown working as a Consultant Doctor in this hospital. Dr. Nishi Singh has been the Campus Chair for Health Sciences at Dubai Women’s College, and Academic Chair for the Programme of Laboratory at the Higher Colleges of Technology.

She follows and retweets some of the vilest Sanghis on twitter. Chef’Ali Vaidya, Lakad’Bagga, The Skin Doctor, Gaurav Pradhan etc are a few of her favourites. PS: As expected I am blocked by her on twitter and I didnt even know. Just noticed it today when I came across a thread exposing her bigotry.”

The website of Conceive, The Gynecology & Fertility Hospital, which is a part of Avivo Group, has Dr Singh mentioned as one of its employees. (See below)

Meanwhile, many users have now begun tagging their friends in Dubai so that the ‘Chowkidar’ gynecologist could be prosecuted. The UAE authorities had recently deported a man of Indian origin after he expressed his joy for the Christchurch terror attack that killed 50 Muslim worshippers.

Many are asking questions how a person with such vile ideology can work as a gynecologist in a Islamic country. There were others, who demanded a thorough probe into her past works to see if any miscarriages or still births that she was part of could have been due to her alleged criminal intent. One user summed up when she tagged Dr Singh’s hospital ans wrote, “I am sure Muslim women of Dubai are not safe in her hands.”

Janta Ka Reporter has reached out to her to get her reaction. This story will be updated as and when she sends her response.

To read social media users’ angry reactions, you can go through the below post:


  1. Hemamalini says she is STILL A MUSLIM CONVERT From MARRIAGE DAYS and NOW PRAYS 10 time a day. SHE WANTS Menka and all BJP LEADERS TO DO THE SAME .EVEN yogi the fanatic to read some good religious books and TRY AND BECOME A GOOD PERSON NOT A RADICALIZED HINDUTAVA.

    • I don’t agree with you. Just spread the message on Social media and everyone should boycott the hospital until Dr. Moshi is removed.

  2. How narrow minded this doctor can be…. All such people should be cleansed out of the world not out of the country…. Bloody hate mongerers…..

  3. Nishi Singh is unfit to be a doctor. Unfortunately some doctors are Communal extremists, like Peaveen Togadia. They are fascists and should not be allowed to practice. This Njshi Singh should be prosecuted,jailed and then deported. She is a disgrace to medical profession. Dr. Mohan

    • She may be friendly with MAYA KODNANI. She has been in Dubai for so long. Why??? Earned a lot and now time to return. She thinks best way to go is by creating this type of controversy.
      If she is a Nationalist, she should not have gone outside the country. Any now she can return and work with YOGI in UP. Many children need her help. Let us see, if at all she comes back to India.!!!

  4. Unfortunately, this lady doctor could not, or intentionally did not, try to understand Islam during her 25 years of stay in a Muslim country, well protected in its peaceful environment guaranteed by the very “Abrahaimic faith” she is accusing of following the agenda of conversions. Is this how she is paying back for the hospitality extended to, her like many, many other non-Muslims, by an Islamic government? This lady is then a threat to Muslim women seeking medical treatment from her. Her past and present actions should be thoroughly investigated by the UAE authorities and she be deported bag and baggage without any delay to her home country where she will know how women are treated.

  5. She should be kicked into Dubai jail,so that no one can gather such guts to break brotherhood between all religions

  6. It’s such a shame that literate follow this ideology…..
    Dubai police should take a severe action…
    She should loss her license to practice….

  7. If this is her perverse mindset, I’m pretty sure she would’ve wreaked her vengeance and covertly displayed her hatred towards her patients who are Muslim women

  8. Just get support from shikh and buddishist they’re saying they will clean Muslim and Christian but once they succeed in there agenda than firstly they will target shikh after that buddishist because there agenda for Hindu rashtra and Hindu in India as per their ideology only brahmins schatriya baniya only upper cast rest all are there enamy or there slaves as per there mentality so be aware of them and all other extremis

  9. Please followup on this story and try to make sure that some action is taken against this hateful Hindu woman. In India , these people get away with their hate against Muslims and Christians and even boast about getting away with their evil deeds, but that shouldn’t be the case in a Muslim country. These evil people should know there are costs to their genocidal ways of thinking. India me chalta hoga, har jagah nahi!

  10. Most of people gives irrelevant comment to become fame they have no knowledge about any religion sometimes well educate people insane

  11. Dubai Authorities should take immediate action against her.
    I am certain that she must have been practicing and contributing to the Hindutva agenda by causing harm to her Muslim and Christian patients including murdering their unborn babies in their wombs.
    Let them investigate cases of her patients who had miscarriages and serious health issues, I am sure they will unearth not skeletons but a whole lot of graveyards.

  12. Muslims countries should not give such traitors jobs in first place.”Al kufr la ethehar” #MutaherAli@Twitter “Toilet paper not going to serve any purpose cleaning private parts.” You need to wash with water after urine & stools for good hygiene and prevent skin diseases & foul odours.

  13. This stupid woman earning her livelihood in a Muslim country, well protected and enjoying all the rights as an expatriate by a generous government. Still she is, by thoughts and deeds against her bread providers. Ungrateful creature. The UAE authorities should make an inquiry against such scrupulous creature and expel her from the soil of this friendly land.

  14. She and all others who are associated with her should be kicked out. She should be jailed. All past record of her clinic with failed treatment should be rechecked and cases filed against her. BJP gets money from such sources. She may be in close contact with MAYA KODNANI. Just to remind that Kodnani had advised rioters to use salt to expedite decomposition of bodies of MUSLIM victims.

  15. Maybe she is born to 100 Muslim fathers so she hates them. Maybe she needs to be cleaned from the surface of the earth for better world.

  16. They hate Muslims yet like the bikhari qaum they are they go to work in every muslim country from malaysia to dubai

    • Yes but don’t Muslims do the same, non-Muslims do not have many freedoms in many majority Muslim countries and in some countries i.e. Saudi Arabia you can not build non-Muslim place of worship. Yet Muslims get so many freedoms in the West.


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