Our mistake was that we exposed UP minister’s involvement in mining corruption: Nutan Thakur


The wife of Uttar Pradesh’s IPS officer, Amitabh Thakur, has accused the Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav of harassing her family because her husband decided to go after the state’s mining mafia.

Speaking exclusively to jantakareporter.com, Nutan Thakur said that the recent rape charges against them were fabricated.

She said, ” Our mistake was that my husband highlighted the corruption in mining sector and found the minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati’s involvement. It almost became a sin for us to expose corruption in mining sector. Apne desk ki prakritik sampada ki jis tarah loot khasot machi huwi thi, ham ne use rokne ki koshish ki (We only tried to stop the rampant looting of our country’s natural resources).”

Last week, Amitabh Thakur had released an audio tape of his conversation with the SP supremo, who was heard threatening the IPS officer to mend his ways to avoid serious reprisals.

A day later he went to a Lucknow police station to file a police complaint, but the police refused to entertain his request. This was followed by a woman from Ghaziabad pressing rape charges against Thakur and his wife Nutan.

Explaining the context, Nutan, who’s also an advocate, said, “In 2006, my husband, then posted as Faizabad SP, was at a function organised by the city’s DM. One of Mulayam Singh Yadav’s relatives was also there. He wanted an undue favour from my husband, but he refused. This angered him a lot and he held my husband by his collar. There were some SP MLAs there too. They along with other security guards mobbed my husband and began hurling choicest of abuses. So, in the audio tape that we released last week, Mulayam Singh Yadav was referring to that event hinting that similar consequences would follow if he didn’t mend his ways.”

Nutan said that Thakur was very upset that evening with the way he was humiliated. The ‘restless’ IPS officer then reportedly phoned Mulayam Singh Yadav, who was the state’s chief minister then.

“He (Thakur) expressed his intention to lodge an FIR. Mulayam advised him not to do so and meet him in Lucknow instead. But, my husband went head and filed an FIR against Mulayam’s ‘samdhi.’ Soon after we lodged the FIR, my husband was transferred from Faizabad. The chargesheet in the FIR lodged by my husband could only be filed after Mayawati government was formed. The judicial process followed, but, since most of the witnesses had turned hostile, the court had no option but to expunge the matter.”

Nutan says the recent turn of events had caused considerable pain and anguish to her and Thakur. On whether they had received any support from political parties, she said her family didn’t want to politicise thise issue.

Nutan hopes that the civil society actively working to fight corruption in India will ultimately come to their help.

She said, “We appeal to all like minded citizens of this country, who want to fight corruption to come and help us. We are being victimised to no end. But we are determined to fight the government’s vendetta despite knowing fully well that soon both my husband and I could be put in jail by the SP government.”


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