ORF Fellow Sushant Sareen deletes obscene tweet targeting Gurmehar Kaur after outrage, says sorry to Kargil martyr’s daughter


Indian think-thank group ORF came under huge condemnation on Saturday after one of its employees posted an obscene tweet targeting Kargil martyr’s daughter Gurmehar Kaur.

Gurmehar Kaur

This was after Gurmehar posted her views explaining why war was not an option in the aftermath of the deadliest terror attack India’s armed forces in Pulwama on Thursday. In her tweets, Gurmehar had said, “To all those who are posting angry long messages about how revenge is the only answer. Honestly I understand the anger. We feel it too. But think— the surgical strikes was an reply to another such cowardly attack and we were all told that this was justice. We proved them WEAK.”

Reacting to one of Gurmehar’s tweets, Sareen, whose Twitter bio describes him as a Senior Fellow at ORF, launched a tirade using obscene language. He wrote, “I guess sex slavery in a jihadi camp is the new millennial fantasy, a thing these brainless idiots crave for.”
This caused huge outrage on Twitter with users condemning the ORF for employing such people as experts, who target young girls using such filth. Many also targeted the think-thank, questioning its secret funding.

Faced with growing outrage, the ORF clarified its stand and asked Sareen to delete his controversial tweet. It said, “ORF maintains highest standards of conduct including in communication. Doesn’t support or condone abusive, intimidatory or hateful language in any form. On #ICC @raji143 is tagged and heads it. @sushantsareen must delete tweet and apologise.”

Sareen followed the advisory issued by the ORF and tweeted, “The offending tweet has been deleted. I regret my choice of words and should have been more careful in responding/reacting. Although I did not personally target anyone & made a generic comment on a phenomenon, it was apt to be misinterpreted, which I regret.”

His subsequent tweet read, “Let me reiterate, even in a moment of anger, one must be careful with choice of words. And I have no hesitation in saying sorry to @mehrtweets. I have strong views on turning the other cheek before someone who comes into my house to kill me & preaching peace to the victim.”

Gurmehar has not reacted on the controversy till now.


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