While in opposition, Arun Jaitley had said ‘ will oppose FDI till our last breath.’


Modi government on Monday took a radical step to relax Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) norms in a host of sectors including civil aviation, single-brand retail, defence and pharma by permitting more investments under automatic route.

This decision can be seen as a huge U-turn in the BJP’s stand on the FDI in key sectors. Its leaders, then in opposition now in power, had vowed to stop the FDI till their ‘last breath.’

During UPA rule in 2013, while addressing a rally held at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), an angry Arun Jaitley, now the Union Finance Minister had assured the traders that his party would oppose the move till its “last breath.”

He had thundered, “This FDI (foreign direct investment) is not in favour of the consumer, farmer, trader, manufacturer and the country. That’s why we are opposing it and will continue to oppose it till our last breath. We stand united with the traders and the people of this country.”

Among those present on the occasion were the then BJP chief(now Home Minister) Rajnath Singh, senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi.

Jaitley in his defence had argued that under FDI, 60-70% of the business will go into the hands of just two or three companies which will be harmful for the farmers.

“The farmers would be left with no choice but to sell their produce to them. When the number of sellers decrease, how will it benefit the farmers?” asked Mr Jaitley.

In fact such was the saffron party’s opposition that in September it join hands with the communist party and Samajwadi Party to call for a nationwide bandh to protest the proposals for FDI in multi-brand retail.


  1. BJP is the most shameless party that is anti-Indian. It is selling the country to MNCs/TNCs. It is never concerned about the country but all the time concerned about how to please the Americans

  2. Now Rajan is leaving which has huge impact on exchange rate. So this is a cruel way of subdue Rajan effect . They are playing games for personality clash at the expenses of the STATE.

  3. BJP is very dangerous for the country in the long run. In the short run it will pretend to be a sheep in wolf’s clothing so that it can create a strong financial base. It believes that with money it can but anything, which in India is true to some extent

  4. This is not BJP, people expected while sending them in power.
    This is NaMo about whom people were well aware of since his years of CMship in Gujarat for 15 years, and yet….
    He is BJP, He is Govt., He is the State, as America sees him, “He means Business”- for,of,by America.
    We are going to be nothing but an American colony in coming years.

  5. Don’t write a half baked article. Agreed there is a change in stance on the fineprint of many sectors but all your references here are for multi brand retail to which bjp opposed heavily. FDI has still NOT been enabled for multi brand retail. So, the joke is on you

  6. I think the rationale behind the present FDI policy is much different from that of UPA which was rightly opposed by Arun Jsitley. If you read the fine print, then only you can appreciate this. But, people tend to react emotionally without making proper assessment.

  7. The decision to open up many sectors to FDI is a one man decision. There is no viable opposition to stop the Government in it’s track when they take such a far reaching decision against the well being of the small traders in our Country. The same decision taken by the erstwhile UPA Government was criticised tooth and nail by the very same Government while in opposition. It is not clear as to how a very unpopular decision becomes popular with the change of Government from opposition to ruling party. This decision reeks of double speak which, indeed, is the hallmark of this Government.


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