(EXPLOSIVE) When Kirti Azad pointedly told Arun Jaitley in DDCA AGM, ‘You’ve forged documents’


Former cricketer Kirti Azad is holding an important press conference in Delhi to expose corruption in Delhi District Cricket Association.

They claim that this expose will conclusively prove the allegations of corruptions in the Delhi cricket body.

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Here are the highlights;

  • Respect Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts on corruption
  • No one should take it to their heart. Our fight is not against any individual
  • Please watch this 28 minutes long video
  • Will also disclose few sensational truth through 8 minute long video of AGM
  • Rs 16000 was paid every day towards renting a laptop
  • We discovered 14 companies which either didn’t exist or the information about them given was wrong
  • Addresses provided with these companies were of residents and not companies, clear fraud: Wikileaks4India
  • Addresses of these companies were said to be in places like Safdarjang, Pitampura, Wazirpur etc. All fake
  • All Channels showing Kirti Azad’s press conference live, except Times Now
  • CNN-IBN too not broadcasting the PC unlike India Today and NDTV, which have been live since the PC started
  • India TV too have decided not to broadcast the PC meant to expose corruption in DDCA
  • On one address in Dwarka, instead of there being a company, it was housing society: Wikileaks4India
  • On Aaj Tak, Chetan Chowhan of DDCA says he’s not worried over the new revelations
  • Mic stopped working, Kirti asks if it was done by someone from DDCA, Bishan Bedi says must be Jaitley ji
  • If compounding was correct, why did the High Court put a stay on it
  • Enforcement Directorate should initiate investigation and POCA (Prevention of Corruption Act) should be invoked:Kirti Azad
  • If someone wants a PhD degree, they can go to DDCA. It’s capable of doing of anything: Kirti
  • Atmosphere inside the Press Club is quite chaotic, says our correspondent
  • Video of DDCA AGM of 2012 being shown, a member is seen telling Jaitley ‘you allowed everything to happen under your nose’
  • Video of AGM in 2012 shows, Kirti is asking Jaitley pointed questions about irregularities
  • You are such a senior leader, understand financial laws, I want someone to file defamation against me: Kirti
  • 1500 false memberships, forgery of documents, 175 of your own members: Kirti to Jaitley in 2012 AGM
  • I know you are lawyer, you can make my right charge wrong, asks Kirti Azad. Jaitley says ‘pls come to the point’
  • Where’s your financial manual, you can answer in yes or no: Kirti Azad
  • Mr Kirti Azad, I’m conducting the meeting, you are entitled not to have faith: Jaitley
  • You’ve forged documents Mr Jaitley: Kirti Azad
  • This vide0 of December 2012 will be more damning for Jaitley than anything else:JKR
  • The channels’ decision not to run the video of AGM 2012 from Kirti’s PC will come for huge criticism:JKR
  • BREAKING: DDCA admits financial iregularities after Kirti Azad’s video, says Jaitley not responsible
  • BREAKING: Independent enquiry should happen and Arun Jaitley should resign as a Minister till conclusion of the enquiry: Justice Katju
  • BREAKING: As President of DDCA he shd have been aware of what is going on under his nose. In any case, all the full facts would be revealed in d enquiry

Minutes after press conference was over, Delhi government announces it will form Commission of Enquiry in DDCA case. Writes to Gopal Subramaniam to be the chairperson of this commission


  1. Where is the proof against Jaitley? Kirti Azad has made allegations, now he must supply proof to support them. Otherwise they will be mere allegations and nothing else.

    • Definitely AJ is no saint. For that matter even Sushma and Venkaiah. All these days media and other parties did not touch them, why? They were in BJP for namesake but were in league with Sonia on many things. Now that Sonia had to face court, everyone of them also will.
      Remember LKA’s clean chit to Sonia? I pray even LKA is dragged into these.
      Kirti Azad trying to fool himself. If he had such differences with AJ in 2011-12 why he did not object when AJ made FM? Is it some antarwani making him speak out now? Reason is simple! Like shitgun sinha, Azad also sees no future for BJP in Bihar.
      BTW, do not ask such silly questions. Mindless sensation seekers, like those replying to you, cannot be reasoned. These peanut brains are fit to be in AAP only.

  2. You’ve forged documents Mr Jaitley: Kirti Azad”
    Shame on you Mr. Kirti Azad! for continuing in the party after making such remarks.
    What stopped you taking to Modi when AJ was appointed FM?

  3. This PC is Full boring and Rubbish. All evidence already in Public Domain. Kirti azad was BJP member. He was just doing for LIMELIGHT. and FAME. Its your Party you can directly talk to Modi. Common sense.

  4. Now there is govt. in Delhi which is against corruption. Earlier govts. compromised and bargained themselves and saved each other. Now they realise that this govt. will listen and take action against any corruption. That’s why everything is coming out now.


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