‘Selective amnesia or being stuck in desert island?’ Open letter to Anupam Kher


Dear Mr. Kher,

Here I am, just another brick in the wall, yet another citizen like you.

Sir, I don’t watch TV but received your video clip via WhatsApp. I’ve just gone through what you said in the Telegraph debate and heard your opinion.

As always, you sounded utterly biased and one sided. The Needle was stuck on intolerance while your own party’s (OMG, you really are apolitical ???) sister concerns like Hindu Mahasabha etc don’t even let a couple sit, kill a man over just on rumor that he ate and stored beef while your masters/saviours support beef exporters and making India No. 1 in that trade worldwide.

I never heard of any Congress sister concerns doing the same like bashing up couples in the name of (Khajuraho’s) sanskar in last 60 years. Your party is the only saviour (of course I’m being sarcastic) in our country, who despite securing majority has not given up on hardcore Hindutva politics.

Hence the buzzword ‘Intolerance’ dominating our public discourse. But yes, you were quite right about Congress’ tolerance of 46 year old child, typical love for slavery by even educated politicians.

I give you that at least.

But were you right when you said about jailing motor mouths – Sadhvi Pragya, Sakshi Maharaj and Adityanath ? I’d say half Yes and half No.

‘No’ because you didn’t say it for the good of the country, you merely said it as it hurt the public images of both your party and your master Modi.

Coming back to your priorities between Modi and the country, you only talked about foul mouths and zilch about corrupts, so has the entire BJP suddenly turned honest and criminal free?

What about Yedurappas and Nihalchands of the world? The list is endless, trust me sir. Or have they all got clean chits?

I had once heard Modi ji say in one TV programme that once he becomes the PM, he will initiate action on all corruption cases involving politicians of all hues within a year. What happened to that promise? Has he delivered or that was another jumla too?

I must admire your courage to publicly lie in that debate that we, the Indians had not heard any scams or incidents of corruption since Modi came to power? Selective amnesia or you really have confined yourself to a desert island with no access to newspapers or TV channels?

While it took 60 years for Congress to earn disrepute on corruption, you achieved that feat in just one year through so-called women empowerment programme (Just so you know, I’m being sarcastic once again) involving several scams of Anandiben Patel, Hema Malini, Sushma Swaraj, Pankaja Munde, Vasundhra Raje Scindia.

I think with this rate Modi ji’s prediction will come true with spectacular success. Remember, Modi ji’s famous announcement that he will achieve in 60 months what Congress took 60 years to achieve.

India is a beautiful and more than self sufficient country. Most of us have always been and will always be incredibly proud of being born here unlike Modi ji who once said he was ashamed to be born here.

Think of India as a water tank in bad condition (system) and a hole at the bottom (corruption). Now the plumber (our PM) doesn’t need to keep pouring water in it to keep the level (begging for investment to other countries).

The plumber’s job should be to fix the hole itself from where the water is leaking (stop corruption completely) and repair all nuts and bolts, thickness of the wall, replace rotten areas (making system honest, efficient, accountable) to ensure the tank keeps working well.

Now let’s talk about JNU crisis, which truly exposed your hypocrisy.

These Kanhaiya sorts are merely a week’s news but what about Kashmir where the similar ‘anti-national’ words are uttered as if they were the anthem in the valley?  Why has Modi ji been forced to emulate the silence of Manmohan Singh ji on those issues?

The same PDP with whom you are about to form the government has always described Afzal Guru’s hanging as travesty of justice. That’s ok, isn’t it? It’s all fine as long as the BJP, your party, is a part of that joint venture with the PDP.

Do you realise that Kanahaiya types can merely shout but in Kashmir, Indians are dying and your silence either smacks of your inability or sheer opportunism?

My letter can run in dozens of pages if I were to also mention the growing number of farmers’ suicides particularly in the BJP-ruled states and the plight of our army veterans on OROP.

By the way, one of your ‘own’ leaders in Maharashtra once described the farmers’ suicides as fashion. Very sensitive and compassionate indeed!

In short, if you shout for a better country as a result of honest, efficient and accountable system, I’ll be your biggest supporter.

So the sedition is not what JNU students did, but what your masters are doing by encouraging rampant corruption and turning a blind eye to issues that are affecting millions in our country.

From a proud nationalist Indian, who is still hoping for a change

Yours sincerely,

Pankaj Jain

The author is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur. Views expressed here are his own and jantakareporter.com doesn’t subscribe to them 


  1. Dear Pankaj, I am not belonging form any parties and don’t support any politician. But if you talk about JNU students. I openly challenge you for any kind of debate at any place. Incident of JNU shouldn’t happen. Why they target to Nation? Do they have dare to target others? If yes then please do and wait for result then you will know…..

  2. Going by Khers standards of patriotism and righteousness, one should never even play tole of a villain in a film. Which ofcourse, he himself has done many times

  3. ” India is a beautiful and more than self sufficient country. Most of us have always been and will always be incredibly proud of being born here unlike Modi ji who once said he was ashamed to be born here.” Please quote the date and place where our PM said this Jain Sahab


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