India rejects Ontario Assembly Motion on Sikh riots calling it genocide


The Legislative assembly of Ontario has passed a motion extending the official recognition to the 1984 riots as Sikh “genocide” in India, which has strongly rejected the proposal terming it as “misguided”.

ontario assembly motion

External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Gopal Baglay said India’s views have been conveyed to the government and political leadership in Canada.

“We have noted the passage of a Private Members’ Motion in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on April 6. We reject this misguided Motion which is based on a limited understanding of India, its constitution, society, ethos, rule of law and the judicial process.”

“Our views have been conveyed to the government and political leadership in Canada,” he said.

He was replying to a question regarding passage of a private members’ motion in the legislative assembly of Ontario.

The motion by Harinder Malhi, a Liberal member of provincial parliament, read “That, in the opinion of this House… should reaffirm our commitment to the values we cherish – justice, human rights and fairness – and condemn all forms of communal violence, hatred, hostility, prejudice, racism and intolerance in India and anywhere else in the world, including the 1984 Genocide perpetrated against the Sikhs throughout India, and call on all sides to embrace truth, justice and reconciliation.”


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