Only in Gujarat, even speed bumps are painted in saffron colour


BJP is often accused of saffronising the key educational institutions in India wherever it formed government, whether it’s the Centre or the states such Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattishgarh etc.

But, people in Ahmedabad got a rude shock on Tuesday morning, when they saw even the road bumps being painted in saffron.

According to Indian Express, the commuters in the posh Satellite area of Ahmedabad, found speed bumps suddenly turn saffron, a colour unheard of in the traffic vocabulary across the world.

Ahmedabad Traffic police feigned ignorance, arguing the maintenance and painting of roads was the responsibility of the Road and Building Department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.

“This is laughable as saffron doesn’t reflect in dark. It must have been done in ignorance,” a ;police officer was quoted by the paper.

A traffic cop said, “Black-yellow is the most scientific combination. Yellow denotes danger. In fact, yellow is more visible, but saffron is against the code of road marking.”

Roads and Building Committee chairman Jatin Patel said he too wasn’t aware of this development. Denying any knowledge of the “colour controversy” Patel said that it would have to be yellow, in keeping with the Indian Road Congress norms.

An official in the engineering department of the Ahmedabad civic body said, “We realised the mistake later, but it was too late to wipe it out, We will change it to yellow on bumps and white on zebra-crossings tonight.”

But the question remains whether it was indeed a mistake or a mischief committed at the behest of somebody in the government.


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