Online poll gives huge thumbs up to Delhi’s Swaraj Budget


An overwhelming majority of online users has voted in appreciation of Delhi’s first Swaraj Budget, presented by the Aam Aadmi Party government last week.

A whopping 3,500 users took part in the 24 hours that this poll was live on website. This sample size is a lot bigger than those used by some TV channels to understand the mood of the nation.

Because the Delhi government billed this as a dream budget, we asked the janta or the common man if they too had the same opinion or they thought otherwise.

88 % respondents agreed with the Delhi government and felt that last week’s budget was indeed a dream budget. 10 % felt it was just ok meaning they were neither ecstatic nor depressed about the announcements made in the budget.



The Delhi government, in their maiden budget, also decided to impose 20-40 entertainment tax. We wanted to understand how this announcement had gone down with our audience particularly those regularly visiting cinema halls to watch movies.

Once again, 82 % users described the tax good while 11% said they didn’t like the new tax as it will make their movie watching experience more expensive. 7% declined to commit themselves on this question.




Most polarised response to our poll came on our question whether the budget served the interests of aam janta or the common man. The respondents were almost unanimous in their support for the budget with 97% agreeing that the budget was indeed pro-people. Only 2 % didn’t think it in the interest of common people, while 1 % had no opinion.







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