One Delhi neighbourhood gets tap water supply ‘first time in 25 years’


Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party-led government may be facing a challenging task of dealing with the growing cases of dengue in the capital, but its legislators appear determined to go about their usual commitment amid criticism from their political rivals.

AAP’s Kapil Mishra, who’s also the water minister in Arvind Kejriwal’s cabinet, spent more than half hour undertaking a water journey in river Yamuna on Wednesday trying to asses the pollution level in water.

On Thursday, a relatively less known legislator, Parmila Tokas, said she had achieved something that the successive governments in the past had ‘miserably failed.’

In one of her tweets, Tokas announced she had succeeded in making the water supply available for the slum dwellers near Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area.

Her husband, Dheeraj Tokas told, ” This is the first time that the people here in Kuli camp have got permanent supply of drinking water. And this has been possible because of our MLA. Up until now, the people here had to rely on water supplied by tanks. But now they will have uninterrupted supply of drinking water five hours in the morning and five hours in the evening.”

Providing free water and halving electricity tariff were two key poll promises of Aam Aadmi Party. Soon after winning a historic mandate in February, the AAP government had announced it was reducing the electricity tarrif by 50 percent on certain monthly consumption and making water free for those consumed less than 20,000 litre a month.




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