‘NC is not power hungry, Dr Farooq Abdullah was responding to hypothetical question’


Omar Abdullah

Dr. Farooq Abdullah was responding to a hypothetical question based on a hypothetical situation and he never said NC will support the BJP.

He only said that if any such request or proposal is received from the BJP, it will be taken up by the Party’s Working Committee.

No such proposal has been received, which makes Dr. Sahab’s remarks a pure reiteration of the organizational procedure to deal with such issues and nothing more.

It must also be remembered that the Working Committee of the Party, in its recent meeting in Srinagar, had endorsed the decision taken by NC a year ago to stay away from the BJP and we expect no change in that decision.

The PDP is an ally of the BJP and National Conference is not obliged to rescue either the PDP or the BJP from the ensuing stalemate in their standing political alliance.

National Conference is not power hungry and is not interested in political power that comes through an ideological compromise. We shunned prospects of an alliance with the BJP a year ago and the reasons for having done that remain unchanged.

The content above first appeared on the former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah’s official Facebook page.


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