Why Olympian shooter Heena Sidhu doesn’t want national anthem played inside theatres


Two-time Olympian, Heena Sidhu, has spoken against the Supreme Court’s decision to make it mandatory the playing of the national anthem inside the cinema halls.

Heena Sidhu

Taking to Twitter, the former number 1 shhoter, said, “No need to stand up for National Anthem means you can carry on eating your pop-corns, chit-chatting, talking loudly on your phone while its playing. Sometimes I feel so blessed 2 b a sportsperson…We cant even imagine this! Getting a medal wouldnt be half as gud without d Anthem. (sic)”

Later, speaking to ANI, Sidhu said, “First the Supreme Court said the National Anthem will be played before movies, then it made standing for it optional. It gives rogue elements chance to openly disrespect it. It mustn’t be played before movies, people come there for entertainment.”

The original idea of making the national anthem mandatory before the start of movies was the brainchild of Chief Justice of India Deepak Misra. His decision was widely condemned as the right-wing militants began to subject innocent public to physical assaults. There were many instances of disabled being targetted with violence because of their inability to stand up during the national anthem. They were quickly branded as anti-nationals and even asked to go to Pakistan.

Faced with public humiliation, CJI Misra last month changed his mind and said that if a person did not stand up for the national anthem, then he was not “less patriotic” even though it was the top court that had made the playing of national anthem in cinema halls mandatory last year.

He then asked the Centre to consider taking a call by 9 January, the next date of hearing, on amending the national flag code for regulating the playing of national anthem in cinema halls across the country.

It said the Centre has to take a call uninfluenced by its earlier order on the playing of the national anthem in the theatres.


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