Women to be exempt from 2nd phase of Odd-Even scheme


Delhi government has announced plans for its second phase of plan to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in the national capital.

Popularly known as Odd-Even formula for cars, the second phase of the scheme will kick in from 15 April for a fortnight.

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Announcing the plan, the Delhi transport minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday said that women will be exempt this time same as the first when the scheme was first launched in January this year.

Rai also said that the government will deploy additional bus service to make the public transportation more robust.

He said, “400 private buses have already enrolled under the Paryavaran Bus Seva. We are also working on holistic plan for cycle hiring to ease Delhi’s commutation woes.”

Meanwhile, Delhi’s deputy chief minister, Manish Sisodia, said that cars carrying students in school uniform too will be exempted during the odd-even scheme’s second phase.

There will be Rs 2,000 penalty in case of violation.

News agency ANI reported that the Delhi High Court had backed the scheme acknowledging that it was a success to some extent as the idea had appealed to the people.

The plan had earned Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal worldwide praise as the Fortune magazine cited its success while including him the world’s 50 greatest leaders.



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