Odd-Even formula has been huge success in reducing air pollution: AAP


Aam Aadmi Party on Tuesday claimed that the odd-even formula to curb air pollution had resulted in a considerable success.

The party took to twitter to post the latest finding which showed significant reduction in air pollution.

It said, “Trend of about 50% decline in air pollution by PM 2.5 and PM 10 levels in Delhi (till 5 January) compared to last 5 years. These air pollution levels are around 50% less than average recordings since odd-even plan started on 1 January.”

The AAP government of Delhi had launched an ambitious odd-even formula after the High Court likened the rising air pollution in the capital to that of living in gas chamber.

Under the scheme, the cars with odd numbers are allowed on odd dates and cars with even numbers on even dates. The ongoing experiment is meant for a fortnight ending on 15 January.

The party said that of the 17 locations in Delhi, the ‘lowest measurement was 91 and highest 268 – a clear dip in even peak recordings of PM 2.5 levels.’

It added, “In 17 places measured on Monday, PM 10 air pollution levels show marked decline as it recorded at less than 300 at 9 places,”


  1. When will the Anglophonic Indians develop the culture of looking at what is being done and not who is doing it ? The issue of odd even formula – an issue of life and death to all – instead of praising and supporting is being roughly handled by High Court judge. What difference does it make if the high court judge – ruling against odd even formula – is working as a judge or working as a terrorist ?

  2. पीके_सिरफिरा_रविश ‏@PRAMODKAUSHIK9 9h9 hours ago
    जेटली साहब ने गलत जगह और गलत समय पर तथा गलत तरीके से व गलत आदमी से टाकरा मौल ले लिया है, इस गलती का उन्हें जल्दी ही अहसास हो जायेगा।


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