Nun in headscarf barred from taking All India Pre-Medical Test


A nun in Thiruvananthapuram was barred from taking the All India Pre-Medical Test, or AIPMT, on Saturday after she refused to take off her veil and the Holy Cross.

The nun had reportedly requested the exam centre’s Principal to make provisions for a separate room for her to take the exam without a veil. However, her request was denied.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) rules make it mandatory that no jewellery, scarfs, veils, electronic gadgets, watches, shoes be worn in the exam hall. The rule was brought in following reports of irregularities at the AIPMT exam conducted earlier this year.

On Friday, the Supreme Court had upheld those directives in a ruling, saying, “Your faith won’t disappear if you appear for the exam without a scarf.”

“I requested that I may be given a separate room where I will remove the veil and cross and write the test, but that was not allowed,” the nun, Sister Feba had told PTI.

The principal reportedly told her that being a Christian herself, she understood the nun’s plight but that the rules wouldn’t allow her to wear the veil and Holy Cross.

On July 25, the Kerala High Court had allowed two Muslim girls to wear headscarves and long-sleeved dresses for an exam after a thorough check and after making provisions for a separate room to take the exam in the presence of an invigilator.

The court allowed female invigilators to remove veils and check them if they suspected any foul play.

(Picture Courtesy: Indian Express)


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