Huge controversy after nude scene from Kannada film Dandupalya 2 leaked online


Kannada film industry has found itself amidst unprecedented controversy after a nude scene from the movie Dandupalya 2 starring Sanjjanaa Galrani was leaked online.
nude scene dandupalya 2

In the video, (see below), Sanjjanaa is seen completely naked while shooting the sequence on sexual abuse by jail authorities. The controversial scene, according to International Business Times, later was deleted from the film following objections raised by the regional censor board.

Sanjjanaa has told Kannada channel Public TV that a probe was underway and that the film’s team will comment on the matter once director Srinivasa Raju wraps promotional duties for the film.

“We are figuring out who is behind the leak and will give a complete clarification once director Srinivasa Raju, who is in Hyderabad ahead of its Telugu release, returns to Bengaluru,” NDTV quoted her as saying.

The actor had earlier ‘opted out’ of promoting the film, alleging that her co-star Pooja Gandhi was given more importance in the final cut.

The film also has Pooja Gandhi, Makarand Deshpande and Prakash Raj among the lead roles.

The actor also clarified that the leaking of the nude scene was not done at the behest of the makers of the movie for publicity.

“Dandupalya 2 is already doing well. So, there is no need for such publicity. We shot something and I am seeing something else here,” She said.


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