Now 25 percent quota for children from economically weaker sections in all Delhi playschools


After 25 percent of quota in all Delhi school for children of parents, who earn less than Rs 1 lakh annually, the state government has now announced that 25 percent seats will also be reserved for children from the economically weaker section (EWS) category in all playschools in Delhi.

The notification issued by the education department makes it mandatory for playschool, pre-nursery and crèche that have procured land from government agencies and Delhi Development Authority (DDA) to implement the EWS quota.

As per the notification, all such schools will have to prominently display the information on their websites and notice boards. And students applying under the EWS category will not have to pay the registration fees or buy prospectus of the school.

Delhi government is only implementing the guidelines issued by the High Court in 2014.

For transparency,  if a student is rejected under EWS, the school will have to state the reason.  And if a number of applications received is more than the seats reserved, then the selection will take place through draw of lots.

And, most significantly, exams, interviews, written and verbal test have been prohibited.  According to a notification issued the Delhi government, “the school cannot conduct interview, take written/verbal exam or provide counseling to the parents.”

Educationist and activists have welcomed the move saying that it should have been implemented a long ago.

Writer Trisha Gupta said;



  1. This is the True and Proper Quota system. ” The Economically weaker section ” and not the traditional community based quota system that would help the people of this country.
    GREAT, hope this kinda system replaces the existing one in all spheres of life(Job, education, subsidy, housing etc) through out the country in its nook and corners


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