Nothing should be named after politicians: Rishi Kapoor


Actor Rishi Kapoor once again questioned the practice of naming public properties after politicians, saying there are other personalities whose contribution to the country is bigger and better.

Rishi Kapoor

Last year, the veteran actor had kicked up a controversy by questioning the trend of naming roadways, airports and railway stations after Gandhi family.

“Nothing in this country should be named after politicians. I have been saying this all along. There are personalities whose contribution to this country is colossal.

“…Can you ignore the contribution of Lata Mangeshkar or JRD Tata? Why not name these structures after such figures rather than political leaders,” Rishi said during a session at the Jaipur Literature Festival here.

The 65-year-old actor, who was targetted for being a BJP supporter over his remarks, said he is just an entertainer and has no intention of entering politics.

“I’m just an entertainer, who tries to earn people’s respect and have no political agenda. I’m not a BJP sycophant and have opposed beef ban and have never shied away from taking a stand,” he said.

Addressing the issue of demonetisation, Rishi said Bollywood has not been affected by it as there is no “slush money” in the film industry.

“Demonetisation has not affected Bollywood at all.

Bollywood has no slush money. It is the real estate and the black market that is, rightly, suffering,” he said.


  1. Rishi Kapoor needs to see a psychiatrist. He had a very truncated education and it shows. He is merely an entertainer from a family of entertainers. Rishi needs to understand that some politicians are more than just politicians. They are freedom fighters, statesmen, visionaries, nation builders, economists, and more. The Gandhi family are not the only politicians in this country. Roads and public works bear many names of personalities other than the Gandhi family. There are a large number of public spaces and structures that bear the names of personalities who are neither from the Gandhi family nor are politicians but come from different walks of life. There is a Raj Kapoor Chowk in Chembur, Mumbai, for example.


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