Not one toilet built in Delhi under Swachh Bharat scheme, Rs 40.31 crore remained idling in banks: CAG


The Comptroller and Auditor General of India has revealed that not a single toilet was built in Delhi under the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan scheme, launched in October 2014. This, the CAG added, despite Rs 40.31 crore allocated by the central government.

Swacch Bharat
Photo: The Indian Express

The CAG, in its latest report, said, “Not a single toilet was constructed under the Swachh Bharat Mission in two and half years since its inception on 2 October 2014; all the funds totaling Rs 40.31 crore allocated for this purpose remain idling in banks; and monitoring and evaluation mechanism prescribed in the Scheme to monitor the progress of work did not function effectively. This shows that the GNCTD did not give adequate importance to implementation of the Swachh Bharat Mission Scheme.”

The CAG also said that the AAP-led government did not allocate the mission funds to implementing agencies as per their requirements. The report added that the implementing agencies, including all three Municipal Corporations of Delhi or MCDs and the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board or DUSIB received a total of Rs. 40.31 crore under the Mission including Rs. 10.08 crore as state share, but the entire fund remained unutilised as of March, 2017.

The report said, “As per file record dated 17 April 2015, the ruling party in its manifesto had promised to construct two lakh toilet blocks in slums/JJ clusters and unauthorized colonies. In the meeting (June 2015) of the High Powered Committee, DUSIB was asked (June 2015) to identify the sites and blocks for constructions. GNCTD however assessed only requirements of 11,117 Household toilets, 25,097 Community Toilets (including 16,050 for slums and JJs) and 605 Public Toilets to be constructed under the Mission scheme up to October 2019. Under the Mission, GoI released ` 30.23 crore for construction
of toilets. Not a single toilet, however, was constructed under the Mission by any of the six implementing agencies between the period since inception of the scheme on 2 October 2014 and 31 March 2017.

“While confirming the above status, North, East, and South DMCs further stated that they have constructed some toilets out of their own resources under their own sanitation programme, and they may now consider adjusting them as constructed under the Mission. Showing expenditure incurred on construction of toilets under their existing sanitation scheme as expenditure incurred under the Mission and enlisting the same as physical target achieved under the Mission is not as per the Mission guidelines.”

The CAG audit found that South Delhi Municipal Corporation did not project any  requirement for construction of Community Toilets and Public Toilets under the Mission
citing space constraints. South and North DMCs did not consider unauthorised colonies for projecting requirement of Individual Household Toilets stating that ‘they do not have jurisdiction over them thereby leaving unauthorised colonies out of Mission coverage with regard to Household Toilets.’

The audit also noticed that a total of only Rs 2.03 crore was spent on public awareness programme against Rs 5.17 crore released. East DMC and DCB spent Rs 23 lakh and Rs 5 lakh against Rs 186 lakh and Rs 27 lakh released to them by GNCTD. This was indicative of inadequate efforts on the part of these implementing agencies to educate the households to avail the benefit of Household toilets.


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