Nobody needs to fear till Supreme Court is here: CJI, Justice Thakur on intolerance


The Chief Justice of India, Justice TS Thakur, on Saturday reassured people on growing religious intolerance in the country.

Speaking with accredited journalists at his residence, his first since taking charge as CJI, Justice Thakur said that intolerance debate had political dimensions but nobody needed to worry ’till Supreme Court is here to uphold rule of law.’

He said that while court orders could not stop all crimes in society but judiciary was committed to uphold rule of law and protect rights of all communities.

He said, “I’m heading an institution which ensures rule of law, so long there is rule if law, so long as there is independence of judiciary. I think we are capable of protecting right of each sections of society.”

He continued, “This country is home to every religion. Other societies came here and flourished. See Parsis, they came from Persia and flourished, people like (eminent jurists) Nariman and Palkiwala are classic examples. It is our heritage. Ye (Intolerance) perception ki baat hai. Jab tak rule of law hai, judiciary ka independence hai, tab tak kisi ko darne ki zaroorat nahi hai (It’s about perception. As long as there’s rule of law and we have independence to judiciary, no one has to fear anything.”

Justice Thakur also supported Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s odd-even formula to curb rising pollution in the capital.

He that ‘judges have no problem with odd-even formula of Delhi government’ adding that ‘Supreme Court judges were ready to follow AAP government’s odd-even car rule.’

Buoyed by this huge support from the senior most judge in India, Kejriwal was quick to take to twitter to thank him.

He tweeted, “CJI’s support 2 odd even formula is welcome n huge encouragement. SC judges pooling cars wud inspire millions 2 follow. Thank u My Lords.(sic)”


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