Talks with Pakistan only after action on Pathankot: Ajit Doval


National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, has said that there will be no secretary level talks with Pakistan scheduled for 15 January until the neighbouring country took action on Pathankot.

He said, “Unless Pakistan takes action against the perpetrators of Pathankot attack and India is satisfied with that action, there will be no peace talks. There will be no secretary level talks in Lahore.”

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Doval was quick to deny that he ever gave interview to the paper, but the newspaper has released the audio which shows the NSA making these comments to the reporter.

It’s not clear whether Doval was making these comments informally or as part of an interview.

He said, “Both the PM and I have presented the evidence related to Pathankot attack to our respective counterparts in Pakistan. Pakistan has assured us of action.”

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Congress advt 2

Doval refused to comment on whether the attack on Pathankot just seven days after Narendra Modi visited Lahore was a return gift by ISI and militants.

He said India was not able to wield its power due to political opportunism.

” I don’t want to blame any party and individual, but the fact remains that whenever there is a bill in the parliament, our political parties fail to keep national interest above their personal gains. It’s sad that they tend to focus more on political advantage.”

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He blamed the media for spreading rumours about him adding that only ‘1-2%’ reporting related to him was accurate while the rest lacked truth.

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