Delhi government says it has no plans to ban liquor in Delhi


The Delhi government has no plans to ban alcohol in the capital, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said in the assembly on Friday.

Sisodia was responding to a query by AAP MLA Jarnail Singh by saying, “Prohibition has evoked mixed responses everywhere. There have been states where liquor was prohibited but the prohibition was later revoked. But we are planning to make the rules and guidelines for liquor shops more stringent”.

“It will be mandatory for alcohol shops to install CCTV cameras and they will have to adhere by these rules. Such shops should not be set up near schools,” said Sisodia in the assembly.

Some AAP MLAs complained that many liquor shops allowed their customers to consume alcohol on the shop premises.

Since such shops were often located in residential areas, this led to law and order problems, said the legislators.

Sisodia said that the government has asked sub-divisional magistrates to monitor CCTV footage of alcohol shops and take action against such violations.


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