Nitish Kumar will not change his stand on supporting RSS man as next president


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Friday made it abundantly clear that his party will not change its stand on supporting RSS candidate for the President’s post.

Photo: The Financial Express

Speaking to reporters after attending Iftar party hosted by the RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, Kumar said, “I have a lot of respect for Meira Kumarji, but ‘Bihar ki beti’ has been nominated only to lose.”

This came after Yadav on Thursday said that its ally JD(U)’s decision to support NDA presidential candidate Ram Nath Kovind was “a wrong decision”, adding he would appeal to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar not to commit “a historic blunder”.

The RJD strongman, whose party along with the Congress is in a coalition government with Nitish Kumar’s JD-U in Bihar, said while he would request Kumar to reconsider the matter, there would be no threat to the state government, which would continue despite the JD-U’s decision.

“We have made an appeal today and will meet him at an iftar party tomorrow and urge him to review his decision. I will tell him not to commit a historic blunder as his decision to support the BJP candidate is a wrong decision,” he said, replying to a volley of questions on the matter.

Asked if Kumar had “betrayed” opposition unity, Yadav had said, “Whether one has committed betrayal or not, Nitish Kumar would know better. Our government in Bihar will continue.”

He said the opposition would appeal to Nitish “again and again” to think again. “We will not create any threat to the government there,” he added.

71-year-old Kovind, who was the governor of Bihar, is Dalit. Kumar too is a Dalit and was the Speaker of the parliament during the UPA rule.

The RJD supremo said the opposition’s candidate, Meira Kumar, was “bihar ki beti” (daughter of Bihar), and the daughter of former deputy prime minister Jagjivan Ram.

She will fight this “ideological” battle, he said.

“Lalu Yadav will never make any compromise on ideology.

We have today decided on ‘Bihar ki beti’ and ‘great’ dalit leader Jagjivan Ram’s daughter. We fight an ideological battle,” he said.

The former Bihar chief minister said while Nitish Kumar skipped today’s meeting of opposition parties, RLD leader Ajit Singh was there, ensuring that 17 parties supported Meira Kumar’s name.

He also recalled that it was Nitish Kumar’s JD-U which initiated the discussions for a joint opposition candidate against an NDA nominee.

“Sharad Yadav had started the discussions and asked us.

He had said their party would go with the consensus,” he said.

Nitish Kumar, Prasad added, had said he was supporting Kovind because he was “a good governor and a good man”.

“The decision is not taken on any person’s goodness, but it is based on ideology. We are not going to make any compromise on our ideology,” he said.


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