Nitin Gadkari slams Indian Navy, Congress lashes out at minister for insulting remarks for armed forces


Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday caused a political storm after his remarks against the Indian Navy were seen as insulting to the armed forces.

Nitin Gadkari

Slamming Indian Navy for opoosing the construction of a jetty at Nariman Point, Gadkari also wondered why the naval officials wanted to live in posh part of south Mumbai.

“Actually, Navy is needed at the borders from where terrorists sneak in. Why does everyone (in the Navy) want to stay in South Mumbai? They (Navy) had come to me, asking for a plot (of land). I will not give even an inch of land. Please don’t come to me again,” Gadkari was quoted by Hindustan Times.

He said that the naval officers’ job was to protect the border not stay in Malabar Hills, one of Mumbai’s most affluent parts.

“I won’t give them even an inch of land. All of them want to stay in South Mumbai. Why can’t they bear the border in Pakistan where they are stationed?” Indian Express quoted him as saying.

The Congress accused Gadkari of insulting the Indian Navy  with the party’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala accusing the “pseudo-nationalist” BJP of wanting to give “certificates of loyalty” to the armed forces.

His tweet said, “Shameful & Unacceptable! Ex BJP President & Union Minister, Nitin Gadkari insults ‘Indian Navy’, questions their valour and dedication. Pseudo-Nationalist BJP now wants to issue certificates of ‘loyalty’ to India’s armed forces.”


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